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Being healthy doesn’t mean YOU have to sacrifice 90% of your life!

Natural Medicine

Hi There - I’m Leanne and my passion is helping women to feel great about themselves.


During my 20s and early 30s I used to struggle with my weight and food.

I was either 'trying to be good' or binging like food and alcohol was going out of fashion! I would always promise to do better on Monday but I was never consistent.

Eventually, I decided to ditch the diets for a simple approach to health. I have lost weight in the process but that has turned out to be just an added bonus because my LIFE is so much better as a result of my new approach and I am so HAPPY with much more ENERGY…..


My passion is keeping it real and making the process of ‘being healthy’ simple! I want to help others to become healthy without complicating the process or spending a fortune on crappy health fads!

I fully understand the pressures of balancing work, personal life, AND health and fitness. The long working hours, the juggling act of running a business, studying, developing a career….. all while managing a family, household and social events......


However, I truly believe that when you can take control of your health and feel strong and confident, all of the above becomes more manageable.


That’s because it’s all connected.  When you’re feeling more energised and happier, life gets better.



I can help you achieve INCREDIBLE results, improve your health, transform your body, overhaul your mindset and create a daily routine that works FOR YOU. And I do this without recommending one single workout or one single diet plan.  This is because the focus needs to be on our lifestyle not our workouts.  You can have the best workout and nutrition programme money can buy but if it doesn't fit easily into the life YOU'RE currently living - and YOU don’t have the mindset to back it up…. you won’t end up doing it… it’s as simple as that.


Accountability is key when creating new habits and routines.  Changing your life for the better is hard and YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN.  I won't let you as you will be supported by ME who will be on hand daily to cheer you on and answer your questions.


It doesn’t matter what workout programme you’re doing.  You decide what exercise you want to do and how you want to move your body.  NOT ME.  YOU follow whatever kind of movement or activities that you love the most.  Power walk every day, do yoga, weightlifting, dance aerobics, do whatever is most likely to get you up and get you going.