I'm Leanne and I am passionate about helping professional women see there is a way to be fit and healthy whilst juggling a busy life.

Are you fed up of stopping and starting?  Everything is going great Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then you've given up by Thursday? You will never quit again when you work with me!

My clients succeed not because of the workout or the diet plan but because of their routine. The difference between a PT and an Accountability Coach is that I am here all throughout YOUR day.  I am there for you at the exact moment you think it won't work, to the moment you realise it absolutely can and will work.  This is YOUR moment and I am here for it.

With a professional background in the education sector where over the past 20 years I have lead, coached and inspired high performing teams, I have now expanded my ‘coaching’ experience to the Fitness Industry which is my passion.

Having used a ‘coach’ to establish my health and fitness routine, I fully recognise the support a ‘coach’ can provide and for me it absolutely changed my life.  Since the age of 20, I had tried every diet and fitness programme going but nothing would ever stick.  Investing in a ‘coach’ helped me to see that it is possible to be fit and healthy whilst raising children and working full time.

Are you ready to make that change?  Making that change is hard and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.  I would love to help you to take the leap and work with you on your journey.


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